Sunday, August 31, 2014

New Comment Procedures on the Western Bitters News

Because of the hundreds of spam comments we have been getting here on the Western Bitters News I have had to change the settings for the comment procedure.

You will have to have a google account and sign into it before you can comment on the posts. I hate to have to do this because I believe that everyone has the right to speak their mind without restrictions. But as always there are those that abuse our rights.

I am sorry about the change but I don't have the time to wade through hundreds of comments that try to lure you into opening a link that can infect your computer.



  1. Good Job, I Like My Spam With Eggs and Taters, Not With the Bottle Blog.

  2. Rick;
    Wise move. I implemented the same procedure on the WWG shortly after I got it up and running.

    I'd like to think that it's played no small roll in keeping everyone's hard rives just a little safer.

  3. After looking at my dashboard I have 52, 754 comments that are spam. Its going to take me weeks to get rid of this