Saturday, August 16, 2014

Anyone Seen This One?

Here's a recent find that just surfaced
Embossing reads Weaver and Wentz
Gilroy Cal.
Anyone have any information on this pharmacy?


  1. The only other example I've seen is one Mark Huddleston dug in Gilroy. Weaver & Wentz have a handful of different embossing styles found in clear glass. Colored Western druggist bottles are much in demand with collectors, if recent sales on ebay are an indication. Back in the day I picked them up for $10 - $20 - maybe $30 depending on the size.

  2. Rick;

    Had one example that came in the Kennedy collection, purchased many years ago.

    They're a very tough piece to acquire.

    Weaver & Wentz / Pharmacists / Gilroy; 5 ½”, tooled square collar lip, a rich cobalt that passes light easily - similar to many Owl Drugs dating to the same era - also blown by Whitall Tatum, some haze exists, WT&Co on base.

    Damage free, it sold for a significant amount.

    Based on the ratio of size to embossing, the example pictured could be smaller than the one that I had.


  3. We dug two of these in 2003 in Gilroy. One was 4" and one was 6". I took a tank of gas as my cut of the buyout !!!

    1. Probably a wise more on your part considering the price of gas