Sunday, August 10, 2014

B.B. Thayer Apothecaries, San Francisco.

Here is a recent find, that I thought I would post today. There have been a few postings on the B.B. Thayer company, and his prattware containers. This is the first one I have seen with it's original lid. This one has gold stenciling on the pot and lid. Anyone out there who can date this piece? I also have a small size pot without the lid. These are great pieces of San Francisco history. Dale M.

Shown below is the small B.B. Thayer pot


  1. I have never seen a Thayer with gold stenciling, nor the lid marked cold cream. Can you post a pic of the smaller example? Does it also feature gold stenciling? Jason

  2. Hi Jason,
    Yes, the smaller pot also has gold stenciling. Will post a pic.
    Dale M.

  3. I've dug the Thayer pots in at least 4 different sizes.... one as big as a Dundee's Marmalade ! But.... I have never seen any w. gold lettering nor with Cold Cream on the lid as such. Nice find !
    The Thayer's I've found are usually in pontiled pits


  4. Without getting too nosy, mind if I ask where these Thayer pots/lids were found? Just interested in the provenance. Old collection, recently dug? I picked up 10 very nice pharmacies from an old collection recently. All local -- San Francisco, Menlo Park, Palo Alto, Alameda.
    No one has seen an embossed cylinder bottle from Thayer? Wakelee and Keith had some early embossed cylinders. At a show a few years ago I found an A.L. Lengfeld embossed cylinder from the (early?) 1860s - only one I've ever seen. Lefevre was another SF druggist who started in business early on -- with both embossed cylinders and pots.
    I am sure more experienced collectors have more to add to my general knowledge...

  5. Both of these pots and lid were dug in Northern Cal. Dale M.