Thursday, August 21, 2014

Found One!

For a while now I have been searching for a Turner Dairy bottle from Sierra County. I finally located one a few weeks ago and was happy to have acquired it.

 Its not  rare or even a desirable bottle unless you happen to live or collect things from Sierra County. Like most collectors I have a soft spot for the area in which I live and do try to acquire collectables from Sierra County

The Turner Family  have been in the ranching business since at least the 1880's and a quote from the Sinnott book "Downieville - Gold Town on the Yuba" confirms that "In the 1880's H.K. Turner of Sierra Valley was supplying Sierra City and Downieville with fresh butter" Today the Turner family raise cattle in the sleepy little area of the Sierra Valley known as Sattley. Sattley has probably a couple dozen or three folks living in the general area of what was once a thriving community. 

The embossing on this quart size milk bottle reads: Turner Dairy Sattley and Goodyears Bar Sierra County Calif
and on the reverse: Forty Miles of Year Round Service. Also on the reverse of the bottle is a ( sort of ) map with the names of Goodyears Bar, Downieville, Sierra City, the Lakes Region,
Yuba Pass and Sattley.

An interesting sidelight to this bottle is the reference to Camp Pioneer on the reverse side of the bottle with the map.
Below is a picture of Camp Pioneer, or as it was also called, Pioneer Lodge from the 1960's

Pioneer Lodge was located about 10 miles above Sierra City on highway 49 and run by an old codger by the name of Fred Simi.

Its always nice to acquire something from the area that you call home
- rs -


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  2. Nice find and acquiring something desired for a long time! Congratulations Rick and sharing with us. Is the Fred Simi related? I just drove thru area one week ago; thought of you and your quest for this milk bottle, nice to see your find.

  3. Thanks Don - Yep all us Dago's are related