Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bryant's Ladies Leg

Old West Bottles is offering a very historic and interesting bottle for sale.
One of the Bryant's Stomach Bitters recovered from the shipwreck "Sea Lark"

This picture was taken by the divers that recovered the bottles and shows the case of bitters resting on the sea floor.

"The divers were able to salvage 18 intact specimens that were all immediately scooped up by collectors. Prior to this discovery these bottles were very rare and they are still quite rare with about 30 being known in any condition. After sitting on the bottom of the ocean for 150 years the surfaces of these bottles had become stained or etched, some very etched & eroded. All of them were fairly crude and many had issues: fractured potstones, open bubbles, chips, cracks, etc. and almost all had very eroded surfaces. Attempts were made to clean the majority of these with some being destroyed in the process and others polished to death"....................

For the full story of these bottles and the example for sale head on over to OLD WEST BOTTLES...........Go to  http://www.oldwestbottles.com/tpBryants.php   

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