Sunday, February 10, 2013

Boericke & Tafel's Triturations Too

Here is a couple of the  Boericke & Tafel's Triturations that I have, I had another one that was a Butterscotch color, Kool Meds, I am Interested in any Info as well. DB


  1. In a nutshell: A quick search indicates that the Pioneer Homeopathic Pharmacy, owned by Boericke & Tafel, was the first homeopathic pharmacy in California, opening in 1870 in San Francisco. It continued under that name until 1882, when it became Boericke & Schreck; then Boericke & Runyon in 1890. Boericke & Tafel also opened a pharmacy in the Grand Central Hotel in 1877, lasting until 1882.

    Trituations: The process of diluting a nonsoluble substance for homeopathic use by grinding it to a fine powder and mixing it with lactose powder.

  2. Thanks IXL, I also found this interesting bit of info on the BLM site of all places, with quite a bit more History on these bottles, it is at

    1. Yeah, Google Search can provide amazing results sometimes. I especially appreciate these types of discussions as it aids in the dating of holes. The small amber Boericke & Runyon and Boericke & Schreck bottles can be commonly found. This may be old news to some of you, but thanks to this topic I now have one more added means of dating a privy! Tafel: 1870-1882; Schreck: 1882-90; Runyon: 1890+.

    2. Excellent reasoning IXL "I now have one more added means of dating a privy!" means your not putting all of your dating tools in one basket. Just because its in a hole that dates from 1880 doesn't mean the bottle is from 1880

  3. A large cache of these bottles was found in the mid 1990's. I saw 2 cases of 24 in each case at an antique show in the Sacramento area. Definetely werent dug, as some had partial labels.
    Possibly came out of the basement of an old store??
    If not for this cache, I suspect these would be very rare, as I dont know any diggers that have ever dug one.

  4. I have a small homeopathic-size one of these in clear glass additionally embossed "San Francisco". Lordbud

  5. I now have a Lage 8" purple one I got off Ebay, its a Square Med type, embossed Boericke & Tafel, DB