Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Few Dickey's for your Pleasure

Amber colored Dickey variants and an aqua example
Blue, turquoise,  aqua and chocolate examples
An assortment of Dickey's in natural light
There's even a cobalt Bowman and an aqua Wenzel medicine (top of picture)
These Dickey's were assembled at the recent Anderson Bottle Show to display the different colors that these bottle were blown in and to show that a color run of early bottles doesn't have to break the bank.
Thanks to Ken Edward for bringing his Dickey bottles to share


  1. Nice Dickey's...the aqua examples are tough! Anyone seen an amber with an applied top? DM

  2. If memory serves Ken has at least one amber Dickey's with an applied top. I think it is the amber example left of the aqua one in picture #1 and 2.