Saturday, October 22, 2011


The other day I noticed that great tintype of the Turners Bro's. on Ferdinands web site, what a great image. So I decided to post one of my favorite bottle go-withs. An 1870's tintype of three men drinking with four bottles on the table. From left to right the bottles are a labeled Witch Hazel, blob top soda with a circle slug plate, single rolled applied top flask and a buffalo water. The flask is more than likely western, as this tintype is from Astoria, Oregon..... Its hard to imagine these three made it out of bed the next day after a nite of drinking like that. This trio looks like some bottle collectors I know. Can you guess who?


  1. call me a rookie, but that looks like a 80s/90s transitional blob soda, and that flask an amber pint coffin. can anyone date the photo by the clothing they're wearing ?

  2. Yes, you are right 80's/ early 90's. The derby/bowler hat was popular at that time. my mistake.