Sunday, October 2, 2011

More on the Turner Brothers

Thanks for the post on the Turner Brothers Mike.
Here's a little more information that I have uncovered on the brothers and their bottles.
Circa: 1858 – 1865

The five Turner Brothers were manufacturing soda water in Buffalo New York as early as 1850.By 1853 they have opened a branch depot in San Francisco and listed as syrup and cordial manufacturers. The Turner Brothers advertise in the October 1858 Nevada Journal newspaper that they are manufacturers of Turner’s Ginger Wine, Forest Wine Bitters, syrups, cordials and an unrivalled Vegetable Bitters. Sometime in 1865 the Turner Brothers sellout to the firm of McMillan and Kester and thereafter McMillan & Kester start advertising that they are the proprietors of the Turner brands.

Relation to Sierra County California
Several whole and broken examples of the Turner’s bottle were discovered at the old gold rush town of Monte Cristo during the 1990’s.
Three whole examples were unearthed at the gold rush settlement of Chips Flat by a Nevada City digger. The early towns of Excelsior, Downieville and Chaparral Hill have all produced broken examples of this bottle.
The Turner bottles come in four different variants with the earliest and rarest variant having a pontil base. These bottles are considered rare by collectors. I do not know exactly how many examples of the Turner’s are in collections but this is a popular bottle with western collectors.


  1. The one that I dug came from Brandy City back when there was only one sign saying no bottle digging. It's been a long while since I dug there, has the situation changed for the worse?

  2. Nope,
    But everything is really overgrown.
    Maybe we should take a trip up that way, be glad to ride "shotgun" for you.

  3. Hey Mike & Rick, I have dug two of these Turner's whole. One near the town of Washington, Nevada county and the other near Salmon Falss, Eldorado county. Henness has one of them. I have also seen one with curved leg R's.