Monday, October 3, 2011

USA Indian Root bitters revisited.

William Hawkins first listing for the USA Indian Root Bitters was in the 1871 Langley's Directory. In that year only he was listed along with his partner I.H.Wonser, the "Dr." whose bitters concoction they sold. No effort was spared in securing a unique bottle to contain the product.

In 1872 and '73 only Hawkins was listed as sole manufacturer of the USA Indian Root Bitters. Wonser is not listed as a resident of S.F.

By 1875 Hawkins had left the business and McMillan & Kester are the agents for Dr. Wonser's USA Bitters. They posted basically the same ad for the years 1875-77. Below is their notice in the 1877 Directory.

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  1. Great piece Mike, these guys were into a lot of stuff besides the Ginger, I wonder what other bottles McMillian & kester put out? DB