Friday, February 11, 2011

Here is an odd ball Renz for you western collectors. Its a slugged out Renz. I have had this square for some time now and I have not seen another one yet. This Renz was dug in the Chico area a few years ago. I have compared this square to a dozen other Renz's and its dead on. The S.F. & Pacific Glass Works must of hung on to the Renz mold for a short time after his business closed. I not sure how many are out there... I threw in a 1871 add from the Sacramento Daily.


  1. Thanks for the post. I sure havent seen one of these "after market" Renz-mould bottles.

    Interesting how some of the moulds hung around and were used later. Same thing happened to one, or should I say two, of the top 25 whiskey moulds. Half of the Cassin's Golden Plantation mould and half of the SHM mould were used to make the CW Stuart's mould !

  2. A few years ago one of these squares came out of a Bay Area privy. Of course the John Van Bergen next to it was broken in half !

  3. Same thing with the Dr. Hauseman's German Bitters. The old Resenbaum's mould was used to do that one. I have dug the "generic" Renzical in Sacamenna, too. Sure would like to release a Hauseman's from it's earthen grip, though. CHA-CHING!!