Saturday, December 11, 2010

Just Another IXL...

Here is one I was going to bring to the IXL "showdown" in Auburn, but unknown plans for the weekend caused me to leave it at home. This is another Nevada find from awhile back, and is a lighter lime than some I have seen, with a good dose of yellow. This one has that big top and no circle around the IXL indicating it is very early for a Henley's. These are just impossible for me to resist, and while still relatively affordable, are getting to a point where one might not be able to buy one in the near future. I have dug dozens of IXLs over the years, but they have ALL been broken. This is one which I have on my "want to dig" list, and it is still there...kind of like cathedral pickles in the larger sizes. Not even one intact example in decades of digging holes with these vessels in them. Someday...


  1. Dale,
    Wow! That intense yellow-green is my all time favorite western color! Stunning example! This is also a P.G.W. blown product. This bottle was also identified in the photograph on page 62 of the book Early Glassworks of California.

    Eric McGuire has been researching and has recently written an article on Dr. Henley's products which should appear in an upcoming issue of Bottles and Extras.

  2. I wouldn't call that just another IXL.....
    she's a beauty!