Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bryne & Castree

Here's another ad I found in the Daily Alta California. Seems Bryne & Castree (the dynamic duo) had a little run in with Henry Bryne and had their property sold at auction.


  1. So...they even had problems with family members? in the heck did they stay in business for so long?

    Warren, do you have an accurate count of intact B&C bottles? I have seen my green example, the base embossed only example in dark green from ATs collection, a dark cherry puce shoulder embossed, a light copper puce shoulder embossed, a medium copper puce shoulder embossed, and that is all I have seen.Somewhere I saw two others, but now I believe they were the same examples. I have heard of two others in shades of puce...

  2. Dale,
    I'm aware of the green and puce examples of Richard's, they are embossed on shoulders & bases. Hubbel has a green example and Bray has a puce example. Don't know which variants they are.

    The above information makes sense, since Bryne & Castree are only listed during my research in the S. F. Directories for 1863 & '64.