Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Western Wines

After seeing that CC & B, I was a bit reluctant to post this, but I opened one of my Christmas presents a few days ago, and was thrilled to see these western blown wines!

Apparently my wife acquired these at the Canyonville show last October from my good friend Jeff Hooper in Washington. I kept noticing he, Dennis Eastley, and her in some type of covert discussions but never thought she was wheeling and dealing on these wines, and the Henley's. They were stored secretly in my basement for the months since. I NEVER go down there anymore, as Lance Westfall used his "ghost detector" on his I-Phone recently, and the radar showed several ghosts, or spirit activity. I have not gone down there since!

I now have 16 of these beautiful wines, and each one is a different color. It is interesting ( though not as interesting as a CC & friggin B soda), that the Henley's Celery Beef and Iron is the exact same mold as the regular unembossed wines. I have seen these in some wild colors, and would love an ice blue one.

Happy New year to all! I just want to dig a W B Shasta...I guess that is next?

Dale M.


  1. M.E.,

    If my I-Phone is somewhat accurate in pinpointing paranormal activity, I guess I need to contact Steve Jobs and see if Apple can make an I-Phone application that locates old privies and "heavy western glass."

    Killer wines too! I hope you had a great Christmas! Here's to a blessed, bountiful, and bottle crazy 2011!


  2. Dale,
    Bella Vino's!
    Wow, what a Christmas present, I got socks.
    Your still in the running for that early western soda... They come in three's don't they?

  3. She got you, eh, Dale? Good on her. Those wonderful winos look great in your sunny windows. We don't got no stinking window sills no more, dang it all. Hope to see you soon, keep up the earth churning.