Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lacour's & The Lighthouse

Some say the Lacour's Bitters was fashioned to resemble a lighthouse....However, most bitters scholars maintain that all lighthouses are dedicated to L. Lacour and his prestigious bitters! Either way you look at it, it makes for a beautiful story, right? Here is a picture of a Var. 3 Lacour's I picked up at the Canyonville Show two weeks ago. I thought it would make for a picturesque setting if I held up a Lacour's next to the Coquille River Lighthouse in Bandon, OR (built in 1896).


  1. J.F.
    Beware - I believe your headed for the dark side! Congrats on your first "Lighthouse"

  2. Thanks for the warning, Rick....and thanks for the good buddy bottle deals!

    The "light" of the whiskies goes well with the "darkside" of the bitters bottles...it adds some balance to the Force!

    I plan to stick with the whiskies and sodas I have as the foundation to my bottle pyramid for years to come. There is certainly some room to add a handful of Bitters, Meds, and miscellaneous western bottles to round out the collection. If I got rid of my sodas or whiskies it would takes years of collecting, digging, and luck to get even half of them back. With that being said I don't want to crack my foundational collection, even for a shot at some high end bitters. Over time it would be nice to add a green Lacour's, small letter Renz, Dr. Wonsers, Chalmers, and a Cassisn,s in any condition.