Saturday, October 30, 2010

Western Bitters recently Dug

Here are two more photos of some nice Western bitters fresh from the ground. It just makes one want to get out there and dig a few! The Wonser's is mint, and so is the IXL.I do have a lot more photos posted on oregontrail antique So feel free to check them out. When I receive digging photos, or "fresh dug" photos, I will post them there, and a few here. Let's see some more dig photos!


  1. Amazing, these guys must hold the Wonsers record !

  2. Congradulations you guys work hard at it and deserve every bit of it. Nice bottles but what about the safe and strong box safe???

    In case anyone is interested I did a review on a few of the better Western bottles coming up in American Bottle Auctions sale closing Nov. 14th. You can check it out by going to my website at: