Monday, October 25, 2010


This year’s Canyonville bottle show featured some great displays for the attendees of the show. As varied and interesting as the displays were, one sure caught my eye.

The display PACIFIC COAST JEWELS was indeed a display of jewels. There were no less than 6 Lacour’s Bitters in various colors and several other rare western bitters. I finally laid my eyes on the olive colored Dr. Wonser’s that was recovered from the Comstock area last year and what a magnificent bottle it is. Lacour's, Wonser's, Chalmers - WOW!

I managed to remember to bring my camera to this year’s show ………….
Enjoy the pictures


  1. Top picture: The two center Lacour's bitters are variant 2 mold made bottles. The two outer end bottles are variant 3 mold made bottles.

    Bottom picture: The Lacour bitters is a variant 1 mold bottle.

  2. This year's Canyonville show was top notch! Great bottles for sale, awesome displays, and wonderful people who put it all together. From my purchases at the show, one would think I am a bitters collector...I'm still focusing my energy on the western whiskeys, but bitters bottles are also very tough to resist for their rarity, history, unique shapes, different sizes, and array of vibrant colors.