Sunday, October 18, 2009

What are the Differences?

Pictured are three different variants of the Lacour's Bitters. The bottle on the far left is a variant 3. The bottle on the far right is a variant 2. The bottle in the center is a variant 1.

I'll pose some questions about these variations of the Lacour's bottles; and let's see if any of our followers can name the answers!

1) What 3 features does the variant 1 & 2 share in common? Same style of top, same style of lettering & small dot in base center.

2) What 2 features does variant 2 & 3 have in common? Same shoulder design of mould & same bottom brad design of base.

3) Variant 1 & 3 each have 1 unique feature not found on any other variant; what is it? Variant one has a period after the word BITTERS & variant three has a unique design top.


  1. On question #1, they appear to be shorter than the first variant. DB