Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Recent Acquisition

Even though this recent acquisition is not a western bitters, it sure is a beautiful bottle with a wonderful story.

A friend of mine was out deer hunting last week here in Northern California, when he stopped to take a quick breather, and spotted a piece of amber colored glass sticking out of the duff near an old pine tree. Upon closer inspection (he kicked the piece of glass and it didn't move) he noticed that it was more than a piece of glass. Bending down and scratching away the pine needles, laying on the original ground, was the bottle pictured at left.

Embossed on three panels are: RUSS'S AROMATIC / SCHNAPPS / NEW-YORK. The base has an iron pontil

He put the bottle in his pack and after finishing his hunt brought it home. Later in the week he stopped by where I was working and told me the story and offered the bottle to me.

The pictures show the bottle exactly as I received it, un-washed and in original as found condition. Hundred's of seed bubbles, a crudely applied top and a smokin' shade of amber make this a magnificent piece of gold rush era glass!

I guess its about time I started "deer hunting" again !!!!!!!

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  1. Nice Square Rick, I have always had a interest in the Schnapps bottles and have some nice ones still. The Kool thing is its American. Heck of a pontil on that bad boy. We don't have forest down here on the border. We have sage and scrub, and the only thing you find in them is snakes and folks trying to make their way North. I often wonder if there is any real good glass right on the other side of the fence? We did dig a TJ, Baja Pint embossed Punkenseed up here on the North side of the fence. Only 2 or 3 known. The dog gone hole caved in on me, I was lucky that day and as always its better to be lucky than good. DB