Tuesday, October 13, 2009


This article appeared in the S. F. Daily Alta California newspaper on May 15th, 1889, the glassworks in reference is the San Francisco & Pacific Glass Works located at 7th & Townsend Sts. Carlton Newman died a little over 2 mos previously and now his works were run by Sara Newman and probably his son George. Both previous glassworks locations were abandoned and dismantled a few years back when these works were completed in 1886.


  1. Warren,
    Your post brought back to mind having seen a Liberty Soda Works Hutchinson style bottle a while ago. I broke out the Markota California Hutchinson Soda book and there on page 70 is the bottle. According to Markota the B. Dreyfus Company sold their soda business to the gentlemen mentioned in the newspaper article you posted.
    The bottle is embossed Liberty Soda Works (picture of eagle) D.W.V.S.F. (Dreyfus Wine Vaults San Francisco) with CCG CO. embossed on the base. According to Markota, CCG Co. stood for the Cream City Glass Co. of Milwaukee Wis. Circa 1888-1894.
    Looks like Staub, Kreling, Becker, Woertz Reinecke and Rumetsch just might have used the bottles made for Dreyfus or possibly had an unembossed bottle made by an eastern glass house.
    Never the less, Liberty Soda Works folded in 1896.

  2. Rick,
    I mainly posted the article to show that SF & PGW apparently had no interest in supplying their works with bottles at all! Your post is interesting though.

  3. Warren,
    I thought you might be able to use this information when you start collecting Hutchinson soda bottles.