Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Western Blown Ayers?

Here's a bottle that I ran across on ebay the other day. I am not sure who the seller is but it seems he is pretty hungry to get off of this dirt common bottle. Just check his listing description:
"Trust me, I was skittish putting an AYER'S on, but when I cleaned it up, I had to wonder about the curved "R's" And why not, the White's Prairie Flower was blown for a Toledo, Ohio-based company. The product was simply shipped aroud the horn in casks to avoid the common problem of breaking bottles in land-travel, and filled here, where an agent for the company had a surplus of their bottle at the ready. This bottle is 7 1/8" tall X 2 3/8" wide. It reads CHERRY on one side panel, PECTORAL on the other side, AYER'S in a sunken panel in front, and LOWELL / MASS on the back. There is a booger in the corner of the AYER'S panel, and some nice bubbles.
When San Francisco Glass Works bought out The American Glass Works in 1876, and is renamed San Francisco & American Bottle Works (later, SFPGW). During this time, the most beautiful western bottles were made, and their reputation spanned the globe. SFPGW is attributed with having the very recognized curved "R" on bottles made by their mold makers. This mark has always identified the fact that it was blown in the west, but more specifically by the SFPGW, MAKING THIS BOTTLE, WITHOUT A DOUBT, WESTERN-BLOWN."
All of you that believe this Ayer's is western raise your hands. I have a bridge you might like to buy! Oh, and if you buy bottles with "boogers" in the corners, you may need professional help.


  1. It's people like this putting out such mis-information on the history of western glass works; that I hope my book will dispell all these inaccuracies!

  2. Yeah!! You are so right!!!! BUT there is a TEAKETTLE glob whiskey on fleabay right now and that is the real thing!!!.....Andy

  3. And the pics are really not clear enuff to prove to me that they are curved tail rs anyways.....Andy

  4. Plus that glassworks never blew Ayers bottles either......Andy

  5. At the risk of creating an confrontation, I forwarded the following reply to the seller. It will be interesting to see how they respond...

    Dear dookscoop,

    Good evening.

    This is in no way meant to be an insult. And yet, odds are you've heard from others who've tossed in their two cents worth with less diplomacy. That being said; Your ebay feedback suggests that you are reputable. However, your Ayers posting leaves much to to be debated.

    Without professing to be the consummate expert in western glass production I can say, based on my experience in the hobby for four decades, that your inference to this particular item being western glass works in origin, is miles away from fact.

    Seriously, how can you possibly believe that you have in your possession, the only western glass works blown Ayers. The "curved leg R / R's" don't even remotely resemble western SF / Pacific / SFPGW "R's". How in the world can you suggest with any conscience that this bottle is western in origin? The sale of a two bit bottle does not warrant compromising ones reputation over.

    Best of luck with your posting.

    KY Gem~

  6. Sorry fellas. Didn't mean to cause such a stir, but I've simply never dug one like it and had to wonder. No need pickin on a guy. Like I say in the description, I leave it to the buyer to decide.