Sunday, September 13, 2009

Still more Western Bitters on display at the Downieville Antique Bottle Show

Another display case of western bitters, (L to R) a green variant 2 Rosenbaums Bitters, a yellow-olive variant 1 Cassin's, a green E. G. Lyons and a yellow-green variant 2 Cassin's.
The 5 bitters from center to right are from the collection of Rick Simi, a amber variant 1 Lacour's Sarsapariphere Bitters, a yellow-amber variant 3 Lacour's, a dark amber variant 2 Rosenbaums Bitters N. B. Jacobs & Co San Francisco, a amber A T & Co bitters, and a amber Wormser Bros' San Francisco (whiskey bitters).

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