Thursday, May 28, 2009


Here's a real nice little trade card that was found at the Auburn Street Fair a couple of weeks ago.

There is some mystery attached to this card. Seems like the Turner Bros. sold their San Francisco operation to McMillan & Kester in 1865. The Turner Bros. continued business in New York until sometime in the early 1870's when they retired from their syrups & cordials business. McMillan & Kester, from 1865 on, were the sole agents for the Turner Bros. products on the west coast & possibly manufactured & sold various products using the Turner Bros. name.
I have seen a lot of early advertisments for the Turner Bros. Forest Wine Bitters and their far famed Ginger Wine, but have never run across an ad for the "Regulator" product.
It is believed this card dates from the mid 1880's, long after the Turner Bros. were out of business.

Any thoughts or information on the Turner Bros. - McMillan & Kester relationship sure would be helpful.....


  1. That is a nice little card. Looks to have some remnants of paste or glue like it was in a book. Turners Liver Regulator bottle pictured in Wilson's Med. book, and Tim Higgins book on meds. Same picture, can't tell if it is a crude pre-1865 bottle or not. I had a bad experience with a drug store trade card from Hamilton, Nv. Bought it on ebay a few years ago, problem was the card was never anywhere near Hamilton. Probably was born somewhere just south of Reno. Photocopy job and a good fake. It was just printed on one side, other side blank. Card stock was old paper, no glue or paste.

  2. I've seen the bottle pics in the book. Has anyone ever seen one in person? Gotta be a cool bottle......