Friday, May 8, 2009

Grand Prize Bitters

The Grand Prize Bitters is a square shaped sixth with a applied square collar top. This product ( Dr. Cooper's Celebrated Grand Prize Bitters) was manufactured from 1880 to 1884 by Louis Taussig & Co. of San Francisco California. The bottle is similar to the Peruvian Bitters but has three indented panels as opposed to the one indented panel on the Peruvian bottle. The Grand Prize is considered rare and western collectors believe that there are about 16 known examples of this bottle.
Recently American Bottle Auctions of Sacramento sold an example of the Grand Prize Bitters for $1000 documenting just how rare and desirable this bottle is. In forty years of collecting I have seen two examples of the Grand Prize, the example that just sold at auction and one other example several years ago.
photo courtesy American Bottle Auctions

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