Thursday, May 7, 2009

Color & Shape

The appeal of Western Bitters is not only the rich history but the various colors and shapes that they can be found in.

From left to right:

Wormser Bros. / San Francisco - believed to have contained a whiskey bitters

Rosenbaums Bitters / N.B. Jacobs & Co / San Francisco - small variant

AT& Co - believed to have contained Asher S.Taylor's Champagne Wine Bitters

Lash's Kidney & Liver Bitters - red amber indented panel variant

Lacour's Bitters / Sarsapariphere - variant three in light yellow amber

Celebrated Crown Bitters / F. Chevalier & Co. / Sole Agents


  1. Asher Taylor seemed to be really into the "champagne effect". I found an ad for him advertising "Taylors Mead Soda". I'm sure it was for the champagne mead. Also, we dig the Taylor's Patent Crystal sodas in the same towns and pits with the Champagne Mead sodas.

  2. AP,
    Interesting observation - Warren has a limited amount of information on Asher Taylor that he has assembled for his book. Don't know if he made that connection or not. Oh Warren.......

  3. aphotaling,

    I have never found or seen the advertisement of Taylor's Mead Soda, it would be of interest. My research consisted of documenting the container that several were dug at the S.F. site. It was certainly a short lived endeavor by Asher Taylor, although he seemed to be persistant in his attempts to be successful at marketing a beverage. My research shows this bottle to have been marketed for a very brief period. The bottle community was very lucky to have stumbled across the San Francisco site and had the good fortune to have found these examples, as I believe it will be difficult to find further examples.