Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday May 19th Update

First off I would like to welcome followers Disco Francisco, castle and dr. henley. Thanks for taking the time to follow our Western Bitters site. We are trying to have a couple of new posts each week for you to enjoy. If you are interested in posting an article, pictures, digging reports or anything having to do with Western Bitters drop me a mail at: rcs@digitalpath.net and I will list you as a contributor so you can get started posting.

Digging News:
Digging season has been underway for quite awhile and I still haven't heard of any really killer western bitters being un-earthed. I did hear that those young whipper-snappers from S.F. dug a nice Peruvian Bitters from the Morro Bay area. Other western bottles that have been recovered by the S.F. boys lately include a Kane & O'Leary flask and some nice western soda's. If I missed anything guys let me know.
I also heard that a light yellow amber two name bear was recently dug here in Northern California - details, I hope, will be forthcoming?

More to come......
The unknown diggers


  1. As always, not many bitters coming out of the ground down here in SF. We scored a green Renz's but that was almost a year ago. We did recently dig a busted GREEEEEN Rosenbaums (small variant)but other than that the holes have been devoid of any bitters. Seems like most of the bitters went up to the hills and stayed there !!

  2. Did you save the shards of the broken Rosenbaums?
    Warren collects and compares the shards as part of the research he is doing for his book on western glass houses.

  3. Yes, I kept the Rosenbaums pieces and glued them together. I'll send Warren a pic.