Monday, June 12, 2017

The Mother of all Criers?

As seen on ebay

This would be in my top 10 list of criers - rs -


  1. That is quite a spectacular example of color! Just terrific.

  2. That is quite a spectacular example of color! Just terrific.

  3. My biggest criers were a light yellow ( no green or amber) Cassin's variant two...100% all there but fell apart in the hole. Last year, I dug a broken dark amber G.A. Simon's Bitters...

  4. Not even close to my top 10 list of criers. I would rather see a Dr. Parkers, GA Simons, electric green cone top Renz, gasoline Salutaris, puce Napa Soda, etc...

  5. If not in my Top Ten, it's right on the cusp. I can agree with Numa on the GA Simons, but there's not one soda I'd rather dig, no matter the color, age or rarity. Even a puce Napa Soda is garbage compared to a green Thos. Taylor ;)
    Whiskeys > Soda
    I think the Top Ten sould be all whiskeys and bitters with the exception of two bottles, a Dr. Bowen's and a Baker & Cutting Giant Cathedral Pickle. Just my opinion of course.

  6. Speaking of criers: I got to thank three locations for my "missed it by that much"; sad experiences all.

    1) You've all probably heard about my Sutro Nevada / Old Signet f-up by now. That frog show was the stuff that dreams (and divorces) are made of...
    2) The Jockey Club sixth up at the Steamboat Mine south west of J'ville comes in at #2. It was drop dead, sparklematic mint, until the base along the bottom mold seam fell out in my left hand as I cradled it...
    3) The Rocky Gulch mining group west of Cottonwood Ca. strolls in a #3. Not one, but two, broken Old Joe Tracy amber tooled picture cylinders have made their appearance to me.

    Only the good die young~

  7. I have a medium emerald green G. A. Simon bitters with an unheard of square banded top. Absolutely breath taking to look at. That would have to rate right up there at the top of the bitters heap!