Friday, February 10, 2017

Update: The Santa Rosa Antique Bottle & Collectibles show will be held on May 6th & 7th,  2017. The first weekend in May will now continue to be our annual date. Our venue had a change in staff who inadvertently sold our original 2017 date we had booked a year in advance.  Unknown to us, we had flyers printed with the wrong dates and distributed at the Downieville show.  With much apology from the Hall director, we were asked what they could do to make up for their screw-up. Finally they granted us the show date we’ve always wanted and always denied due to the other huge event at the venue.

 The 40/8 Flea Market is attended by hundreds if not thousands of people and is also on this first weekend. It’s not to be confused with the regular weekly flea mkt. we’ve held our show with in the past. This is one of the biggest annual flea markets in Northern California with loads of antiques & collectibles. It’s draws a large amount of both collectors and dealers from all over. Then on Saturday it’s the “Farmers” Mkt.” which will also be just outside our show doors.  This is an unbelievable venue for a bottle show, we will have lots of visitors. 

It was with much discussion among club members and voted upon to select this date.  As we look around there’s fewer bottle collectors as the years go by. Attendance at shows is down and 2nd  days are often a little to quiet. It’s important to get the general public exposed to the hobby and generate new collectors. Holding shows with like events is a benefit for dealer sales and a great way to generate new collectors.

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