Wednesday, February 15, 2017

St. Clair's Hair Lotion

1872 advertisement

Howard St. Clair Chemist Boston, Mass.
Western ? Blown in the east and distributed in the west? Well?...... - rs -

Hey Rick:
Hope all is well your way. The rain here has been unbelievable. Here’s a pic of the only Western version of this bottle that I’ve seen.

WOW! What an incredible example of the St. Clair's
Thanks Lou


  1. This is an odd one as the ad is pretty clear as to this product's origin. I have seen three variants of this bottle, the pictured smaller eastern version, the large size with the straight angle inset panels, and a large, crude applied top variant which looks totally western blown. Maybe someone with more knowledge than I can provide more answers.

  2. Anyone have photos of the Western blown variant. I saw one years ago, but barely remember it.

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  4. Anyone out there have a free sample? Warren and I could both use it~


  5. Andrew I will try and post a pic of the large western blown St. Clairs. It is the color of a medium blue 70s Dickey.

  6. Fine looking picture Lou, I have 2 different St. Clairs, 1 is Dark like the 1st picture and the other is light with a Benicia effect to it, I will have to pull them out and see if it looks like Your Western Variant, What Would the difference in the Eastern & Western Versions? Thanks for posting.