Thursday, December 1, 2016

More on J.R. Williams / National Horse

Looks like he had other irons in the fire. Bruce Silva
Anyone ever seen the Williams "Little Gem" Ague cure embossed or paper labeled?
How about Stockton collector Charles H. from Herald have you heard of it? 
- rs -

Search for Egyptian Corn Cure was fruitless.
I did find references to numerous products, in addition to HHH Horse medicine, registered during the partnership of Williams and Moore~ They ranged from Gopher and Squirrel Poison to Salmon's Infallible Hair Restorative.
And once the partnership was split up Moore continued to crank out a myriad of products both on his own, and in partnership with his son.


  1. He also had the "Cream of Roses" and "Egyptian Corn Cure." I have seen the Cream of Roses, but is there an embossed corn cure? Any one have an extra Cream of roses they wan to sell me?

  2. BTW, there are two variants of the Cream of Roses. One with a smooth base and the other marked "S.F. & P.G.W. It is one of only a handful of bottles marked as such.