Monday, December 5, 2016

49er Roseville Show Report

 I thought I would post a brief report of the 49er "Best of the West" show held this past weekend in Roseville. This show has become quite an event, and while I miss Auburn, Max, Mike and the team have put together a show that is exciting to attend.

 This year's show seemed very well attended and the hall was packed with people searching for the next treasure to add to their collection. There was a wide variety of items on tables from bottles and insulators to advertising and western memorabilia. The "shotgun start", was interesting as dealers and buyers were allowed to enter the hall at the same 9:00 am start time. This seemed to work well, although it was difficult for me to be everywhere at once during the subsequent chaos. People were dashing from table to table looking for a great deal...and deals there were.

 Since there are two major western collections being offered via auction in the next two months, it seemed like some fantastic western pieces sat on tables for awhile, and many did not sell. People must be saving their money, as I saw great glass at bargain prices on many tables. There was a strong example of an amber Gold Dust, and a super aqua N. Van Bergen. On another table I noticed a light yellow "A No.1" Cutter, Teakettle, and Fleckenstein & Mayer fifth. Numerous "Circle Cutter's", Mid-Crowns, N. Grange, Columbian, McKenna's, Hotaling Shoulder Crown, a GREEN "Non-Crown", and many others. I did not see any of them sell, even though they were strong examples and VERY reasonably priced. There was even a mint cobalt S.F. Gaslight, and the finest cobalt Taylor Eureka pontiled soda I have ever seen. I did notice that western flasks were nonexistant, with one Fleckenstein & Mayer knife edge...

 Jeff Wichmann's table was really popular as usual and while I was fortunate enough to be in the front row, I was unable to snatch anything for my collection. There were some samplings of upcoming auction bottles, and a video slide show of the real " heavies" to be auctioned in February.

I can tell you that early western medicines are HOT! The most active buying I witnessed, was with the early medicines. I saw virtually every one purchased as soon as it was put on the table. There was a nice selection of applied top western meds, and most went to happy collectors.

All in all, it was a fun show, and provided an amazing raffle selection, pizza brought in, and fellowship...I still miss Auburn, but no matter where this show is held, I will be there!

Dale M.

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  1. From one Dale to another, it was nice catching up with you at the show :)