Saturday, October 15, 2016


Like most collectors, I try to specialize in one category of collecting. The key word is "try". Over the years, I have accumulated or dug several boxes and cabinets of western glass that is not in my primary collecting focus, western bitters. Here is one cabinet with odds and ends which each have their own special quality.

I just love crude early western blown glass, and it does not need to be necessarily rare or valuable. It would be nice to see some other "side collections" !As always, click on the photo to enlarge. I will mail a great western bottle to the first collector who correctly identifies each bottle in this grouping :) DM


  1. Nice cabinet full of western glass. Where's the Dr. Minties?

  2. is in cabinet #2 with about 40 friends. I need help. DM

  3. Dale I have several sidetracked collections also I think It is important for me not to only focus on 1 category. It keeps collecting fun I will try and sent some photos soon MAX