Friday, October 7, 2016

San Jose Soda Works

Does anyone have any information on this company ? Not much is known about this bottle or who produced it. Was it the Williams Brothers first bottle before they switched to the gravitator style, or was it a separate company ? They seem to be early to late 1870s, but some have also come out of early to mid 1880s privies.


Dorr, P., soda manufacturer, Market
Winslow & Williams, soda manufacturer St.John bet First and Market


Winslow  & Williams, bakers and soda manufacturers, St.  John


Doerr, P., soda manufacturer, 435  First
Villa, L., soda manufacturer, 246  Market
Winslow  & Williams, soda manufacturer, 374  St.  John

Roese & Co, liquors and San Jose soda works, 435 First
Williams Bros., soda manufacturer, 278  St.  John

Doerr (typo listed as Loerr)) Phillip, soda manufacturer, 435  First
Williams Bros., soda manufacturer, S s St. John bet First and Market


Williams Bros., soda works, St. John


San Jose Soda Works, Hegele B. (Homer & Hegele), proprietor, 519 Fourth
Williams Bros. (Thomas and David Williams), soda water manufacturers, 278 St. John


George Stenger, proprietor San Jose Soda Works, 350 Park Ave (1884)


Williams Bros Soda Works, David Williams, 46 W. St. John

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