Thursday, August 20, 2015

Just in From Eric Costa

Hi Rick,
I came across an old issue of Treasure Magazine from 1976 with a story about a western medicine that was dug in Marysville. According to the article, at the time, only one example was known. I 've attached a copy of the article and an add from an 1861 edition of the Marysville Daily Appeal. Just wondering if you, or your blog contributors, knew if anymore examples have turned up during the ensuing years. Might be a good topic for a post. Love to hear what you might know.
Eric Costa
Anyone out there have anything they would like to add to the H.T. Kelly or C.P. Pollard bottles and their Marysville connection. I had a C.P. Pollard that I sold to the 49er Club for their club raffle a while back. Stupid me - rs -

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  1. There are now three known variants of this bottle, one has horizontal embossing which is the rarest, maybe 3 known. “H.T. Kelly” bottles like the one pictured are still extremely rare with likely less than 12 known examples. There is also a “Dr. Kelly / Medicine” bottle which is the same identical shape as the others and I believe the oldest variant of the three, maybe 4 known. I believe there’s 15 or so of the Pollard bottles.