Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Name Those Shards

I received an interesting email the other day from a digger way north of us here in northern California, it follows:

Hi Rick,
 I've been enjoying since I discovered it a few months ago.  I must of spent hours on it scrolling though every post.  I find we diggers share a common bond, an appreciation for history and uncovering artifacts.

I live in Vancouver and have been digging in several old gold rush camps in British Columbia this (hot and dry) summer.  Its been great.  Not much is too be found but the odd shard of a good bottle keeps my hope going.  

I've attached a pic of a few shards I've found this summer.  Maybe you might know what the aqua shard is from?  I think it may have said Celery or Celebrated.  Can't find any info on it. 

I'll keep in touch when the good stuff comes out of the ground.

-Mike in BC
Yep...these are gold rush era shards...Can any of you out there name all three..........
Thanks Mike for the email and picture of your recently found shards. Good luck on your dig. - rs -  


  1. Hostetter's, Lediard's, and I cannot make out the dark shard. DM

  2. Third piece looks like a London Jockey Clubhouse Gin.

  3. Westernglassaddict you're right! Lediard's thank you. Hostetters and Clubhouse Gin are the other 2 if the pic is too dark.