Friday, May 16, 2014

No Flashes...Unless I keep it in the Sun!

I have been quite interested in the discussion of the recent Cassin,s find. It is obvious to me that this may never have been a "perfect" bottle. It is full of manufacturing, and post manufacturing flashes, cracks and bruises. The "fleabite" from the shoulder up is a bit of a distraction, but it does not look like "fresh break" to me, and if the remaining pieces were not recovered, it is just another of the many whacked Cassin.s. These things are so fragile and grenade if you look at them. I have glued a few back together.
I have also read the suggested method of acclimating an early bottle to the fresh atmosphere after spending 140 years in the ground. This makes good sense, and if I ever dig a good bottle, I will try this. my Bromo's seem to stay intact even if I leave them on the roof of my vehicle and drive off.
Here is a true miracle of western glass...I hope you are not sick of seeing it, but for a wicked foamy piece of 1860s glass that was found, and left under a log for 50 years until found again, there is not one check, flash, bruise, or scratch. ( the apparent scratch near the "C" is one of Buzzy's my dog shed hair). Amazing how a bottle enduring snow, sub freezing temperatures, heat, and the occasional elk could survive
..but here it is! I had better get her back inside as this 95 degree heat might not be what she likes.


  1. Yikes, monster bottle, this has got to be one of the finest pieces of Western glass on the planet! These later mold bottles are made of a better grade of glass that don’t seem to have the same issues as the first mold. I’ve yet to uncover even pieces of a first mold bottle without the crackle effect.

    The same also occurs in the first mold Lacour’s & Western blown Rosenbaum’s to name a few with the later bottles being better glass. The post production damage rate for these bottles that almost self destruct must of taken a toll on the agents for these brands.

  2. Never get sick of looking at primo western glass, as Lou says one of the finest examples on the planet, get it out of the heat!!!

  3. That is definitely a favorite of mine! I am fortunate to own an example of each mold.

  4. Mind boggling bottle !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I see a diggers cut on your left thumb, was it worth it ?

  5. This Cassin's strikes one dumb with amazement and astonishment that borders on stupefaction
    Dennis E