Sunday, May 25, 2014

B.B. Thayer and Company

Wholesale and Retail Druggists

Here's an early western company that I am not very familiar with. The earliest mention of Thayer is this April 1853 ad featuring perfume and toilet articles for sale. As you can see Thayer and Little were partners located at 127 Montgomery Street in San Francisco

A tooth powder pot lid from the firm of B.B. Thayer
photo from Jason P.

In April of 1866 Thayer was State Assayer
Interesting that the state assayer of ores and metals
can recommend that invalids drink "Baldwin's Whiskey"
1866 ad for Thayer's Cod Liver Oil Candy
I can't remember ever seeing an embossed bottle from the firm of B.B. Thayer. Anyone have any information on Thayer, products he sold or pictures of embossed bottles by the Thayer firm.
I sort of remember a while back there was a seller on ebay by the moniker B.B. Thayer - wonder if he has any info on his namesake?
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