Sunday, February 2, 2014

Do We Have a Blog Site Missing?

I was looking at some of my favorite bottle sites this morning and came across this while taking a look around.
Have we lost one of our favorite sites?

I hope all we need is the administrator to renew the domain and start adding some new posts

Got my fingers crossed - rs -


  1. I would hate to loose all that great info. Please don't let this site disappear. MAX

  2. I noticed that the other day also... I was wondering

    Matt L.

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  4. I've received several emails to the same effect. I've got an email in to Sole Agent. I've asked if there is a way to migrate his past posts to the now consolidated Tool / Glop (WWG) site. I'll keep you posted.
    (typos and spelling errors corrected and re-inserted - no coffee yet...)

  5. Good news!

    Just got this in from Sole Agent -

    The credit card they had on file for me had the wrong date of expire. I should have updated it when I got a new card last year. I don't think we will be down long.

    I can't remember all the things that are tied together in this tech. world....