Saturday, February 22, 2014


Here is a very crude and beautiful example of the Cundurango. These have always been one of my favorite bitters for the history of Chesley, the colors they can be found in, and being a relatively early western bitters. There has been quite a bit posted here on the history of this bottle and the "healing" properties of the cundurango bark. Apparently it was a "cure" for cancer, and other maladies.
I have noticed that the green examples I have handled seem to almost always come with the large square collar top, and the other colors are more often found with a smaller but very drippy applied top. I know the aqua examples are supposed to be the more common color, but I sure do not see aqua Cundurango's very often. I remember only a decade ago a Cundurango could be had for $300 or less. Today, the scarce amber shades are commanding $2500 plus, and I do not know what this example would bring if it were ever available ( which it will not be). The availability of western bitters had dried up and I am very fortunate to acquire or luckily
dig a decent example of any western bitters. I for one would love to see more Cundurango's posted in the gorgeous spectrum of colors! DM.


  1. Wow! - What a Cundurango - Just absolutely stunning

  2. I don't believe I've ever seen such a whittled example as that green one! Simply incredible.