Sunday, January 26, 2014

Anderson Bottle Show Pictures

Friday afternoon sun

The biggest hock wine I have ever seen

Early Saturday morning

Gary and Darla
Richard, Ted and Bruce
Some of the bottles I saw change hands included a deep green Dr. Henley's IXL Bitters, a blue Lynde & Putnam iron pontil soda in a pristine un-cleaned condition, a rare Mack's Sarsaparilla Bitters San Francisco, a light green Pratt's Abolition Oil, a cobalt blue Wakelee's citrate and several scarce western beers.


  1. Wow, doesn't look like much of a crowd, re buyers

  2. The show had a few nice bottles available...a Bryant's cone, and leg, as well as a nice African Bitters, and a crude Yerba Buena. I bought the Mack's Sarsaparilla Bitters which is extremely rare in mint condition. There were some nice whiskey's on Bruce Silva's table, and a top example of a California St. Wolter's Bros. in a light yellow amber. Ken Edward, and Mike Henness had their typical high quality glass available as well as some display items which were beautiful. I must admit it was a bit disappointing that quite a few collectors who typically attend this show were not present this year. DM

  3. Re: attendance. Was there an open house at Ken Schwartz' place this yr ? I think that was the major draw for many people to attend Anderson in the past.