Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Its Western Whiskey Week!

 Whiskey related advertising signs from the late Mike Dolcini collection
I sure miss Old Cutters - rs -


  1. Mike was truly one of the great collectors and a wealth of knowledge. He was a very close friend and is sorely missed by many. It's hard to believe It's been almost a year since his passing. MAX

  2. Rick , Mike had a great collection of Hotaling materials and I miss him and his witty bottle comments like "western slime green" and "pumpkinseed blindness" all the time. The second and third photos down from the top are actually in my collection, but Mike had taken photos of them before his passing. Gila will live on in our hearts and memories. John O'Neill

  3. Mike did have some great signs, but my favorite of his is the embossed tin Cutter sign with the bottles and the hand holding the bottle! Just don't get much better in my opinion.