Thursday, November 21, 2013

Its Western Whiskey Week!

Interesting post on John Lutgen of Old Gilt Edge Whiskey fame by Bruce Silva over at Western Whiskey Tool Top Gazette. Go here to take a look.


  1. It sounds like its western whiskey month from what I've seen. How rare are the Gilt Edge fifths withouth the "& Co." embossing ?

  2. The first Western Whiskey Week posting was November 13th, the last was today the 21st. By my count that's 8 days. As for your question about the &co. on the Gilt Edge fifths:
    Bruce Silva relates " The amber Gilt Edge fifth, embossed Wichman & Lutgen (no & Co.) predates the "& Co. " variant by a couple of years. I've had a number of each over the years. They were blown with both applied (glop) and transitional tooled tops. Although neither are particularly rare, they are the epitome of the western full faced cylinder. They are considered a must have for any serious collector. They are one of my all time favorites. I once had an example of the Wichman & Lutgen (no & Co.) that was dug in the 70's at a redwood logging camp in the hills above Eureka California . It was lollipop yellow. Wished I still had it..."