Sunday, September 8, 2013

Up Next - Downieville!

This year's Downieville Bottle Show is a sellout!
All of the 50 sales tables have been sold and we have several new dealers selling this year.

"Downtown" Downieville
The show opens on Saturday September 14th to dealers at 7:00 am and for a $10 admission  early lookers are admitted at 8:00 am.
Admission is free from 10:00 am to closing at 3:00 pm.
Friday night Wine Tasting and BBQ for dealers and guests starts at 5;00 pm at the old Downieville Brewery
The Brewery Saloon
Come on up to the Sierra Nevada Mountains for some small town hospitality - great food and a one of a kind bottle show 
Hope to see you in Downieville next weekend!

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  1. Thanks Rick for all the info on your site! Downieville Bottle Show, here again, yay!