Friday, September 6, 2013

Nice research article about the Alpine Stomach Bitters and Marysville California over at Peachridge Glass

Take A Look!

Lithograph of Marysville and Yuba City (Check out the Sutter Buttes in the upper left of the Litho)

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  1. As I'm unable, for some reason, to post a comment on the above mentioned blog entry about alpine bitters, thought I'd post it here, and perhaps you can pass it along.

    Further info on the claimed manufacturer's of Dr. Forester’s Alpine Stomach Bitters can be found on page 175 of "The Bay of San Francisco," Vol. 2,, Lewis Publishing Co, 1892,

    “JOHN LUTGEN, of the firm of Wichman & Lutgen, importers of and dealers in wine and liquors, and manufacturers and proprietors of Dr. Forester’s Alpine Stomach Bitters, 318, 320 and 322 Clay street, San Francisco, was born in Amt, Hagen, Germany, August 8, 1837, the eldest of the nine children of Henry and Oddel Bottger Lutgen, natives also of Germany.”

    ---the Google eBook version of which is here:

    And there's more in a nicely written biog on Lutgen here:

    --of which, an excerpt:
    “In 1877, Lutgen teamed up with another German immigrant from Hanover, two years his senior, named Henry Wichman. Described by contemporaries as 'of medium size, fair and rather heavy set and reserved and quiet,' Wichman appears to have been an excellent foil for the more flamboyant and outgoing Lutgen. They called their firm the Wichman, Lutgen & Company, the name it bore until its demise.
    “With only modest amounts to invest, their first location was a store front at 809 Montgomery Street, described as an 'out the way' district of San Francisco. They remained at that address for two years then relocated to 321 Clay Street. Those quarters soon became too small and in 1879 the partners moved across the street to 318-320 Clay, between Front and Bradley, as noted here on a 1891 trade card. The card identifies the firm as importers of wines and liquors and manufacturers of Dr. Forester’s Alpine Stomach Bitters."