Friday, January 11, 2013


The Post and comments on the Snow's Victory got me to thinking about the time frame of the Snow's bottle. The general consensus of the comments lean towards the mid 1860's as the date of manufacture of the bottle. The Snow's has been found in privy's dating from the mid 1860's and also from privy's dating to the 1870-71 era.
Snow is reported to be in Marysville from 1850 to 1867 and then moved to San Francisco.
 "There is mention of a product in the San Francisco directory referring to a "Snow's Victory" but the product was a coloring dye. It is not known for certain that this was the same product, or even the same person"

I had a chance to visit with Warren Friedrich yesterday and our conversation turned to the Snow's bottle and how to try and put a manufacture date on the bottle. Warren pointed out that if you look at the Snow's bottle and the Dr. Wonser's cylinder the letter font is identical even including the apostrophe on both bottles. The Wonser's is a post 1869 era bottle from all the information I have gathered.

As for the contention that "Apparently John F. Snow was listed in the 1867 S.F, directory indicates that Snow was advertising a hair restorative in San Francisco in both 1867 and 1868! This was in addition to products for cleansing, dying silks. So it would seem that in from about 1854 through 1867 Snow lived in Marysville and subsequently moved to San Francisco. While this bottle could have contained any of his products, it is likely the hair restorative was sold in this bottle." doesn't hold water. Until more evidence is found I believe it is just wishful thinking that the product in the Victory bottle was a hair restorative.
And about the date of manufacture......................


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