Saturday, January 5, 2013

Recent Aquisitions

Just in from Chris Cumberland :
Hi Rick,
I just wanted to share a recent find. I have been collecting Western Beer’s for the last eleven years. In this time I have never heard of, or seen a cobalt blue quart of any kind eastern or western. You see the “slick” Anheuser Bush pints from time to time with the ABGCo base marks but today I found a quart. Sadly it also is a “slick”. That being said here is the good part. This one has the 1880’s “mushroom” top and is base embossed with a familiar Star indicative of San Francisco and Pacific Glass Works. The glass is sparkling clean and screams Western to me, but I am no expert. I though maybe you and the followers of the blog could weigh in on the matter. Has anyone come across one of these before? And more importantly Eastern or Western?


Beautiful Blue Beer
1880's Mushroom style top
How about the star on this base!
Thanks Chris for sharing your recent find


  1. I was the underbidder on this feeling is that it could very likely be a western blown mineral water. Congratulations on the acquisition!I could not tell by the listing as to whether it has mold seams or not. I have dug a lot of these in different colors in the west in aqua, yellow, green, and every shade in between. never a cobalt though. DM

    1. The mineral waters we dig here in the gold country almost always have a blob top. Not the mushroom top like a beer.

  2. Hey that's kinda cool. Is it seamed of a turn mold?

  3. I meant to say "Seamed or a turn mold"

  4. Its seamed. The pics don't show it well but it also hundreds of pin head size bubbles through out. It adds some nice color to the light box. I could not be happier with it.

  5. Was this found or dug on the West Coast?

  6. It popped up in Michigan of all places. The bottle does have shoulder ware that could be explained by a long wagon trip east.