Tuesday, January 1, 2013


After a quick check of the ebay offerings this morning I noticed this beautiful western bitters.  Described as Here is a pretty example of this rare western bitters. This one is embossed "Hierapicra Bitters, Extract of Figs, Botanical Society, California". These were sold out of Angels Camp, Cal. and are rare. The color is a deep blue aqua with a very drippy applied top, circa 1875. The "Rs" have the curved leg indicative of San Francisco glasshouses of the time. The height is an impressive 9 3/4" and the embossing is bold. There is a match head size paper thin open bubble on the right side of the neck, but otherwise this is a top specimen. A beautiful western bitters!"  And I would have to agree - it is a rare and beautiful  western bitters.

If you are interested in this bottle here's the link:


And for you western soda collectors here's a Pacific Congress Water and the link to the auction site:


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