Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Just in from Denny Bray

Hi Guys,
Seen your comments about the fifths Roger uses for his blog-site cover. I sure miss those babies. Here's 3 of the original pics. My photo skills suck so bad it's pitiful, but that day I guess I lucked out. I sure miss those whiskies! The only one I still have is my F&P J Cassins out of the 5 in the picture. It's about the lighest amber one I've seen, close to the one Ted Siri owns.
 I'll send you another group of 5 others I took on the same day. Tom, you'll recognize one of them.
 Rick, while I got you on the email... Thank you for posting the info about Dolcini on your Western Bitters News. 
 Take care fellas,
Denny Bray
Here's the other 5 whiskies. Sometimes Roger uses one of these pictures on his blog cover, but I'm not sure which one.

Tom, recognize that Laurel Crown? It was your old one. Man, that example had a great strike!
The only one I still have out of these five is the green Teakettle.

 You may not believe me, but my favorite out of the 10 of them was the Tom Taylor. In fact, I think it was my favorite fifth. It came from VC years past and ol Tom Chapman shook it out of a collection, then I ended up with it. Man, I've got to quick reminiscing about these western fifths. Next thing you know I'll be selling off my EC&M's and sodas to start collecting whiskies again! LOL!!

 If I don't see or talk to you guys before then, I wish all of you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas!

It would not surprise me to hear Denny is back collecting western fifths


  1. Denny, that group of fifths would make anyone a decent photographer. I throw them up on the whiskey site every so often just to remind collectors of what is possible. Your collection had some of the finest examples known of particular bottles. I agree, that Thos. Taylor is an amazing fifth. The present owner is very fond of it. It is in good hands, I wish they were my hands.

  2. Yep some perdy amazing bottles alright I was fortunate enough to get one of them thanks Dennis. Bill Curtiss

  3. Does the SUITS have a replaced neck and top? If so, I recognize that one!

  4. Yep the Suits has a replaced neck thats the one I got do you know anymore of the history of the bottle.Bill

  5. Bill, Roger Terry can give you the correct background on this bottle. What I remember is this: Originally dug in Utah and found broken, or broke after being dug, can't remember which. An old repair job did not hold, and eventually someone cut it clean right at the shoulder. Seems that the Utah collectors lost track of this bottle for awhile. I bought it from Tony Gray, of Los Angeles, who had obtained it in a box lot of stuff he purchased or traded for. I tried to have it repaired, but could not find the right top and neck, so traded it to Roger, who eventually traded or sold it to Denny. Either Roger or Denny had the top replaced by Marty.

  6. Thanks Dennis for the information it`s nice to learn as much about the history of a bottle as you can.Bill

  7. Dennis R. is right on with his information about this S.T. Suits bottle. This example was found at a Salt Lake City construction site 30 years ago or so. It was found by a local digger sitting on top of a dirt pile, evidently first found by a construction worker or a newbie digger. The top and most of the neck was broken off. Denny B. found a "suitable" top after much searching, and had the bottle repaired. Nine examples currently known, including this one.

  8. does this post imply that some of these 1/5s are going to be in the next auction ?

  9. Not everything is as appears with these bottles.

    1. What does the statement "Not everything is as appears with these bottles." mean? I took Denny's post to mean he once owned these bottles but now just has the Teakettle. Am I missing something?
      And by the way I will leave my name...Rick

  10. ok, one guys says the whiskeys are mint, the other says they are repaired. sure looks like they will be fore sale soon.

  11. Geez we were talking about one bottle the S.T.Suits it has a replaced neck as far as I know it is the only one of the ten that has a repair and the rest of these bottle are in collections hope this clears up any misunderstanding. Bill Curtiss

  12. Dennis has the Golden Plantation and several Teakettles and still has some great Star Shields and a few more 5ths. Bill Curtiss