Saturday, December 8, 2012

Can't You Just Feel It?

 Here in the West, we have been absolutely hammered by Biblical proportion rains...This after a very dry Summer for us where a pounder probe had been a must. I cannot just sit around all Summer waiting for the ground to soften, and after digging all of my previously probed pits, one must fight the triple digit heat. Now, the rains have come, the "lookie Lou's" are back indoors, and digging season is ON!.
 I was cleaning out my vehicle last week and stumbled upon an old disposable camera which I used to bring on weekly digs and capture a bit of the action. I love looking at digging photos, and with today's smart phones, one can send a pic to your buddies before the glass is extracted from the ground. These fuzzy old "film" pictures were a delayed enjoyment, but are fun to look at again.
  This was a solid petrified parking lot pit a few years ago, with a nice black saratoga seeing the light of day. Fun Stuff! If anyone wishes to post a dig pic or two, that would be great. DM