Sunday, December 2, 2012


Two bottles stolen from the 49er Show on 12-1-12.

1- Dr. Browder's Compound Syrup of Indian Turnip,
Aqua rectangular open pontil, beveled edges. Scuff mark on edge above Dr.

If you see this bottle, please call Mark Weaver (775)267-5375

2- Crown Distilleries miniture, amber 4 1/2" tall, rare slug plate variant w/content.
Embossed Riley inside thread stopper.

If you see this bottle,please call Bruce Silva (541)821-8949

I encourage all shows to post stolen bottles on the internet. This will help track down the bottles and the thieves.
                                         49er HBA

Hey Rick, I just saw your post on the stolen bottles and wanted to add a dealer named Tom, (i dont know his last name), in the lower building also had a green ink stolen from him. I'm not sure how to contact him but possibly Mike M. would know.


  1. It's Scott Selenak, the photographer from the Auburn bottle show. There is a company called GoPro that makes small, lightweight HD video cameras that are often used in extreme sports. They can take photos in many different interval settings, and shoot HD video in many settings as well. There are a ton of different mounting options and it shoots onto a standard SD card you can buy anywhere. The reason I would suggest this over a video system made for surveillance is that those systems either require someone watching a monitor in real time which defeats the purpose, or an additional recording device which get more complicated, not to mention the cameras are usually not high definition. You can also use this one for other applications when not using it at bottle shows. I've used this camera many times and I can vouch that it is high quality, simple and effective.

    This link is to the GoPro website that only seems to be selling their new model now which is the GoPro Hero 3.

    This link is to an E-Bay search I did for the last model, the GoPro Hero 2. Based on the prices, it looks like it might be better to go with one of the new ones.

    Sorry to hear about the thefts of your bottles. Hope this camera, or something like it can help keep you and other collectors safe from future thefts.

    Take care,

    Scott Selenak

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